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Things Should Be Better

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June 5th, 2008

04:50 pm - Expiration
Only moments after the Ricard/Richard development I've now received a letter from someone in memory of her friend, who has actually used the term "expired". As in, "Please accept my donation on the passing of _____, who expired on April 19, 2008". And yes, that's my birthday. Don't think I'd let that slip by.

Also, sometimes I get emotional about the IMOs. People write these personal things with them! The lady who expired on my birthday "will be thought of often for her kindness, gentleness and courtesy". Too terrible!

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04:37 pm - Richards
Okay. So it is very like me to agonize over my initial LJ post, whether it is worthy, etc etc and therefore paralyze myself from ever posting. So I'm just going to stop that process before it starts and unceremoniously just post to say that I am about to send a thank you card to a couple in Akron, OH, in which both people are named Richard. Yes you heard me. Dear Richard and Richard, thank you for your gift in honor of Matthew's cross-country bike ride. So it goes.

Anyway. I may have to backtrack in the coming days and post-datedly tell some of the most choice anecdotes about the moments that make my days as a writer of acknowledgments so exciting.
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